Plex, SponsorBlock and SSDs

I learned a lot today. In fact, it’s so good, I decided to add it to my blog that I’ve reinstated lately.

So yeah, learnings go here.

SSD Lifespan#

  • Apparently, SSDs use TBW (Terabyte Write) to determine lifespan.
  • Reads are apparently negligible in a lifespan of an SSD.
  • That means my portable Samsung T5s can be used more often, and maybe even a lot more when read-only. Which leads to…

Plex Media Server + Plex Pass#

  • Raspis can make good servers with an SSD attached.
  • Raspberry Pi Plex works and is official.
  • You can tunnel via SSH to allow Plex to communicate to a locked-down server.
  • iPad Pro does NOT need to transcode video in HEVC or H265. The Plex app handles them nicely!
  • Plex Relays are automatic. The quality cap is just poor for non Plex Pass users.

Since I learned Plex Media Server works well even in a closed network (Relays, Tunneling) and with no transcoding in a local setup, maybe I can use this to my advantage.

  • SSD + Laptop + Smart Plug = remote access Plex + transcode
  • SSD + Raspberry Pi = local always-on library

If this works very well, I think I’ll subscribe for a Plex Pass.

SponsorBlock Extension

  • You can finally block annoying in-video sponsor callouts in YouTube. SponsorBlock exists to do this!
  • Works because it’s crowdsourced from other viewers using the extension.
  • I’ve yet to test its effectiveness for not-so-popular content. But for the current god of annoying inserts, sponsors and unwanted segues (Linus Tech Tips), this is fantastic.
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