Raspberry Pi Plex

Okay, so TIL that Raspberry Pi 4s are far more powerful than I had originally expected.

I could just install Plex in it, connect my 1TB hard drives and be able to watch shows from anywhere in the house. And it even works with highly compressed formats like h.265 / HEVC.

I’m really impressed!. The original Pi could barely play 1080p anime from its own HDMI port. So after 3 generations of it, it’s multiplied in performance over and over to the point that it can actually direct stream 1080p or do a decent transcoding job to any device in my house. I can watch any show I’ve obtained up to 1 terabyte without the hassle of plugging in stuff to my TV or my laptop or phone.

What the heck!

I’m really excited to give it an entire terabyte worth of anime now. I have one in stock, so maybe I’ll dedicate this to hold my entire anime collection.

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