Today’s highlight is tinyMediaManager .

Since I went back to the media manager craze , I figured I needed a good way to sort out my library. Having over 2TB worth of shows isn’t great if you have to rearrange all your folders and rename everything by hand.

Normally, I would use Filebot for this task, but ever since it asked for money, it’s no longer the best choice. I needed to restructure my folders anyway and Filebot wasn’t good at that. (Sidenote: I know software has to be paid at times, but at $50, it stings especially since I only use the renamer feature and I use utilities that I use everyday that doesn’t cost this much)

So I’m trying out tMM. It looks promising since it’s friendly for Kodi by default, and the way it handled my files did the job. It had support for the usual scrapers and sources, so I’m confident this will do the job.

I guess I’ll need to reserve some time to clean up my entire library with this . Reminds me of the old Beets.io days with my music.

Too bad it’s more complex with shows and movies.

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