I’ve heard of NextDNS when it was still new. I liked it for what it was – it gave me the same vibe that OpenDNS provided, but with the customizability of Pi-Hole and at the time, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS was just getting started.

Fast-forward today, and NextDNS is exactly that but more reliable than before. It supports all of the encrypted DNS options above, has support for Apple configuration profiles, utility apps and more.

It works so well that it beats my own Pi-Hole setup, and does even more stuff to contribute to my wants and privacy needs, like choosing where to retain logs (Switzerland), aggregated usage analytics and such.

I highly recommend this, especially for those who are new to DNS blocking and/or those who want better overall control compared to self-hosting things. (That said, I still have the intranet-level setup even while running this, since this only covers DNS and doesn’t deal with the other browser-level concerns that uBlock Origin can handle.)

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