Apple M1 Performance

I bought an M1 Mac mini for myself.

First impressions? It’s the fastest CPU1 I’ve used and it’s also the cheapest general-purpose computer I’ve owned.

On an Apple. Impressive, right?

Is it necessary though? Maybe? Leaning to no if you have a 2018 Mac or similar PC, but it is significantly faster2 and it’s really promising to see those new MBPs coming up next year3.

  1. My strongest CPU is an i7-6700K and it’s served me for several years. Then the M1, then the iPad Pro’s A12X. There’s obviously better Ryzens out there, but this is definitely top of its class and power consumption (6.8–39W!) ↩︎

  2. On one of my common use cases, it was consistently eating only 10% of CPU when the MBP used 40%. App launches and load times were close to shaving half the time. It’s so fast, Safari would launch completely while it was still bouncing in mid-air after launching it. ↩︎

  3. It may be announced this year Q3, but really, you’ll probably get it at best by next year, and assuming the global silicon / chip demand plays in our favor. ↩︎

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