Obsidian on iPad + iSH Shell

Obsidian finally released its mobile apps to the public!

This is great, because it appears to be fully-featured like the desktop applications. There’s a catch though: mobile means dealing with iOS / iPadOS and its underlying filesystem. I can work with Obsidian on its own, but if I want to keep things in sync, I have to do things through git since my normal approach with Syncthing isn’t going to work.

Thankfully though, it looks like you can work things out thanks to iSH Shell and running git with it. You can “mount” the Obsidian folder while running iSH and you can use that to sync things.

So yeah, the learning here is that you can have Obsidian on the go, and you can use iSH to sync things through git or whatever approach you want that you can run with a terminal. Like rsync or SSH.

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