Velcro, Ties, Blu Tack and VHB

My common (but maybe not) tips for keeping things in place at home:

If you want to keep wires tidy:

  • If you expect to move them from time to time -> use velcro straps.
  • If you expect these cables to stay still -> use cable ties.

If you want to keep things still (either in walls or on a surface):

  • If it’s something that you might need to reposition occasionally (i.e., posters, signs or desk accessories) -> use Blu Tack.
  • If it’s something that needs to stay still and it’s not a painted surface -> use command strips (moderate) or 3M VHB tape (it has to stay there)
  • if it’s a painted surface you might be able to get away with Blu Tack for light stuff, otherwise, nail it down for heavier stuff. That, or find a way to not use the wall.

Personally, I always make sure to have both velcro straps and Blu Tack available at home. They’re very handy because there’s always loose wires or things you’d want to stick somewhere.

Blu Tack in particular is nice because it’s multipurpose and sometimes there’s things you’d want to stick and you’d figure out that you don’t need a hook to keep it there.

If you’ve never heard of VHB tape before, these things are as strong as nails if you use it right. Painted or rusted surfaces are a no-no, and you need to really apply it correctly to be effective.

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