Moving out

I’ve decided to move all blogging and writing matters to a account.

It’s strange. This site has always been fully-functional as a generated static site running off on AWS, but all the little inconveniences and maintenance woes are enough of a difference for me between writing something and actually posting what I’ve written.

If I have to break it down step by step, writing a post involves:

  • Using hugo to start off a post.
  • Manually adjusting metadata about the post.
  • Writing the actual post.
  • Committing and pushing to git.
  • Waiting for Gitlab for its CI runner to do a hugo build
  • Waiting for the same runner to upload the results to S3.


  • Going to
  • Writing the post
  • Hitting submit.

It’s crazy because the former process isn’t THAT hard since I deal with code everyday, but it’s bad because:

  • the build can fail at times because it’s on a free runner.
  • the deployment have failed some times in the past, not sure why.
  • there’s the nagging thought that I need to maintain the blog’s software and its theme.

Those points are enough to turn my brain off and actually stop me from writing something.

So yeah, a [simple, plaintext Markdown blog is all I need] and I’m moving to that.

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