PH: Chilling Effects and Telecom Threats

Ugh, I saw this way ahead of time when emergency powers were requested and it had that special clause about taking over private companies and utilities. There’s clearly intent for some people to grab onto things that they aren’t supposed to.

Compounded with the sham outcome of ABS-CBN’s hostile takedown, things went for the worse. Now we have the chilling effect with legal sanctions being pretty much ripe for abuse for anything huge and important. And now they’re going after utilities.

The “taking down the oligarchy” part in all this is just taking down everything that’s actually performing correctly in this country’s seats of power, while retaining those who aren’t. And they’re making that crowd even smaller and worse. That, and they’re making select folks reach the top who haven’t demonstrated their worth and actually performed a competent job at it.

Crab mentality at its finest.🤦‍♂️

Ultimately, the foundations of this country’s law is slowly being desecrated ever since the beginning. From extrajudicial killings, all the way to selective justice.

This is why you’re supposed to put people in leadership roles with solid virtues, folks. Not folks who believe in guns and brute force.

And finally, we’re still running in circles with this bullshit while we still have NO SOLID PLANS on the pandemic on our hands. Oh right, they’re benefiting from this. With a pandemic on, people are highly discouraged from speaking up and rallying on the streets.

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