A Bizarre MacOS freezing issue.

Okay, I’ve experienced this twice, so I want to know if other MacOS users have experienced it:

In rare occasions, MacOS experiences these symptoms: ,

  • It prompts you for your Apple cloud accounts (as if you got signed out)
  • WiFi gets disconnected,
  • Currently running processes would malfunction. Most won’t respond (e.g., the menubar, background processes), you can’t launch new processes through the Dock or other means (worst of all, you can’t launch a Terminal). Usually the only ones that work are your foreground apps, the Dock, Launchpad and Alfred.
  • Some apps will try to launch, but will either crash silently.
  • More and more apps lose control until you’re forced to reboot with the power key.

Everything resumes to normal after this, but it bothers me because it’s either a memory leak somewhere (checked the logs, the above events somehow flood it and it’s hard to determine) or a malware attack. And thankfully, it doesn’t look like ransomware that’s cryptolocking system files.

But what if it is? Oh god I hope not. I have backups for everything important, but this was before I had my Time Machine set up and it’ll still take hours or days to make things back to normal even with backups.

In the end, I’m kinda annoyed. This ain’t a problem in Linux since there’s always virtual consoles I can switch to at anytime and can immediately invoke commands to kill processes or do a REISUB for severe situations.

And honestly, a kernel panic at this point is better than a slowly freezing machine.

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