Apple, Google and #FreeFortnite

Wow, this is some good popcorn.

Epic sucks because…#

Wow, this is a hell of a low blow — violating the rules, then using the backlash as a marketing stunt and an opening for their lawsuit ahead of time AND playing the oppressed card AND painting themselves as the good guys as if the mobile store duopoly was equivalent to actual authoritarianism / late stage capitalism levels of oppression; as if their Fortnite fanbase is their personal army.

Apple sucks because…#

As usual, their devices are fully under their control and there’s no other way to sideload apps in their ecosystem. Their actions are justified based on the rules they’ve set, but are totally obsolete and a swelling issue of anti-trust now that everyone has moved on. Really deserve alternative App Stores or allow the customers to actually own the devices they bought and install third-party apps they want (that’s not in the App Store)

Google sucks because…#

Well, same as Apple, but it’s significantly less appalling since you CAN sideload AND there are alternative app stores in Android. Still, the Play Services influence is just as strong and sore for an anti-trust violation.


I think it’s time for a third-party to intervene and work as a universal means of designating apps to their respective devices, but that’s not going to happen with both the tech companies’ influence and their profits. That and no one wants any government to control this — these distribution platforms are just as delicate and sacrosanct as the internet itself.

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