Thoughts on Genshin Impact

I have a love-hate relationship with this game.

Man, there’s so much positive stuff I can say about this game, but all it took for me to think otherwise is three things:

  • The gacha system is abysmal (rates are terrible, banners are poisoned with weapons)
  • Mihoyo is sus for CCP. (not that I hate the Chinese, but really, the CCP takes the fun and morals out of anything.)
  • and the simplest and biggest reason of it all: it takes up too much of your time and attention.

I guess I really just enjoy my gacha as long as they have auto mode in them (Dragalia Lost, Arknights). Call it ironic to enjoy a game by not playing it, but I’d rather have my attention distracted by stuff that I actually want to spend my time on (story moments, game events) rather than grinding that takes up my attention span.

For the good stuff? Well, I do love the overall quality, the music, the setting and the character designs. I’d dare say that this has better gameplay than BOTW, but that isn’t really saying much, haha.

Extra thoughts: why isn’t Arknights an issue?#

  • Gacha system has been favorable for my part (and I believe the rates that they advertise)
  • No weapon progression (this is very huge! It sucks having to have a second lottery that has its own annoying progression that diminishes the performance of the characters that you have)
  • Great auto mode and quality-of-life improvements (the base improvements).
  • Resources are plenty to find, and getting to them isn’t as tedious to my time/attention.
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