I hate fragile tech.


I miss the time when tech was a lot more sturdy.

my 5-year old Bose QC35 headphones:

could withstand freezing Canadian winters, surprise showers in San Francisco, rains and summers in the Philippines. still works reliably with acceptable battery degradation and only had to replace the ear foam yearly.

my 1-year old AirPods :

dropped one of the airpods thrice in its lifetime while working from home noise cancelling is now defective.

Call in unfair to compare headphones with earbuds (and especially since these wireless earbuds are significantly easier to drop) but darn it, I’m more likely to spend money on sturdy, reliable headphones than fragile, disposable earbuds.

Even if it didn’t suffer damages from drops, I’m sure the battery would still suck in less than a year from now.

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