2021-04 - iPad Pro gets the M1 chip

iPad Pro gets the M1 chip

That’s cute. What this tells me is that M1 is here to stay if they’re treating this fresh to the new iMac and iPad Pro.

(And to me, that’s more incentive to buy their existing Mac Mini and MacBook lineup without remorse)

But what does it bring to the table? That M1 is just gonna be crippled by the limitations of iOS/iPadOS and Apple’s App Store.

You’re not going to be able to install a full MacOS or other OS experience in it. It’s still going to babysit your apps instead of keeping them running if you want them to. The built-in apps are still going to be the same touch-friendly but diluted features (the frigging Files app can’t even guarantee safe transfers for me).

There’s going to be speed improvements, sure, but the returns are diminishing when comparing it to their A1X chips.

I like that they’re unifying their ecosystems at least. I’m hopeful for future improvements and consistency on both MacOS and iPadOS platforms with this. If I was a developer in their ecosystem, it’d be be easier to release the same software for both systems, and that’s nice for really complex stuff, like professional software and games.

If I have to buy this, I’m more interested in the 1000nits display, and 5G. But I can live without those, so I’m sticking to my 2018 iPad Pro. (And honestly, interested buyers could pick up their older models and still have a good time. That’s the good part with Apple’s stuff tbh.)

Finally, I laughed when they said “Magic Mouse, loved by users”. Do they really?

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