Philippines Deliveries and Philpost

I’m honestly impressed about deliveries here in the PH.

I remember several years ago when deliveries took literal months to get here, with some expensive electronics being held back by customs with late notifications. There were no decent and reliable online stores back then. Fast deliveries usually involved courier services that added hefty prices on top of the purchases.

Fast-forward to the present, I ordered an expensive electronics item last night, and was surprised it was delivered early in the morning.

That’s honestly mostly thanks to local options getting connected to online storefronts and delivery networks, but all in all, it’s cool to see how that all works nowadays. Even if the item wasn’t available locally, I can reliably expect an item from Indonesia or China to arrive in just a week, as long as it’s going through a popular store like Lazada or Amazon or Shopee.

It’s all great.

Well okay, it’s all great except for Philpost. I hate it when Philpost sends delivery notices instead of sending the actual package instead. (I literally had an item recently that was just as light as the paper notice, and yet I have to spend the time to go to their dilapidated post office with a handling fee)

That’s probably because they have a backlog of items, but still, it sucks and I hate it. I’d rather pay good money to have it delivered than them delivering a stupid paper notice to claim it at the post office. Or heck, why can’t they just notify me via SMS?

Philpost is literally the only thing that’s stopping me from buying from online shops outside of the popular storefronts, because if it doesn’t have a strong local presence (i.e., Drop(dot)com or Shenzhenaudio, which is popular worldwide), it’ll end up in the post office.

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