I Hate Social Media Sellers

My opinion: If you’re selling stuff online, my mind thinks you’re a scammer if you:

  • don’t disclose the price upfront
  • don’t disclose enough details about your ownership of the item / the item itself upfront (i.e., a low-effort image post with “PM me for details” instead of putting the details directly on the post)
  • extra rude points: intentionally using incorrect prices to bait customers (ex: $ 1.00 items for something expensive, like electronics or furniture)

Before someone says that it’s intentional for bargaining and haggling, then put an initial price AND mention that it’s negotiable. Argue whatever you want, to me, not having a baseline price means you’re either planning to charge more/less depending on the person and I dislike that.

And when people say that it’s by design to filter out uninterested window shoppers, then I say it’s wasting even more time since your post looks like a low-effort scam/spam entry you’d see at an online storefront or marketplace

And if someone says “diskarte” then you’re an asshole, plain and simple, and you are part of the problem why people aren’t trusting enough to click and buy.

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