Review: Doom (2016)

Here’s a quick review of Doom (2016).

It plays like the classic game, only even made better by today’s technology and tenets of modern game design It disregards the modern shooter, and to those who never played Doom before, that means facing dozens of opponents at a time, moving and shooting at full force at them, and picking up health and ammo along the way. It’s a festival of quick reflexes, swift decisions and twitch gunplay that isn’t held back by stamina gauges, recoil , crouching, regenerative health and so on. The game just wants you to destroy your foes swiftly while staying alive. Serve them up a faceful of shotgun shells if you have to, and punch them while you’re at it. You are Doomguy. Your job is to rip and tear. What I really like in this new version is that it manages to fix its past’s design flaws. Each weapon now feels usable in the right situation (i.e., chainsaw, machine gun, etc, which used to be overshadowed by the fan-favorite shotgun), zeroing out pickups isn’t a problem anymore thanks to the chainsaw and melee kills, it has an amazing level design that encourages exploration, and it allows a lot of interesting tactics as you fight enemies. I’ll give this the same rating as I gave Wolfenstein: The New Order (funnily enough, that one also came out at my birthday two years ago), but maybe a bit less for the plot and a lot more for the speedy action. I think it was an 8/10 or 7/10.

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