Review: Wasteland 2

Here’s my quick review of Wasteland 2. It’s pretty good!

Good stuff:#

  • ++ More cRPG goodness!
  • ++ Definitely feels like Fallout. After all, this universe is where it all started.
  • ++ The heavy use of Skilldex is much more meaningful and useful this time around.'
  • ++ Linux support!
  • ++ The pacing of gameplay is really well done. Character development was just right without difficulty being too frustrating or too easy.
    • Well-written so far. I’m expecting this much from various writers and co-writers from Fallout, Torment, and Black Isle + Obsidian fame. I have yet to explore on the story yet though, since the first few tasks took so much time.
    • Tactics-heavy. It’s the usual Fallout+XCOM+Divinity recipe. It’s just as gritty and punishing too.
    • Combat speed settings AND a UI that you can rearrange.
    • Frame rates were acceptable with good graphics.

And the bad stuff:#

  • Lacks polish. Camera control is tedious and background occlusion would’ve helped. Using the interface was also sluggish.
  • Music was below my expectations. I ended up playing Spotify, and that’s a bad thing.
  • The atmosphere was difficult to grasp. It was harder to feel the overworld due to the map-style system it used. Then again, I know nothing about post-apocalyptic Arizona.
  • I wish I have more time.

This is on par compared to Divinity: Original Sin so far.

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