Review: Arch Linux

I’m now using Arch Linux on a daily basis, on my daily drivers.

  • Getting the latest, stable builds of everything is satisfying. I like how I usually get security announcements at work, then it turns out that I already had the update to the right packages a few days ago.
  • Arch users are damned elitists, but their community revolves in that way in the same sense how chans tend to treat newbies. RTFM is a cultural thing here, and you better have done so before asking.
  • That said, the Arch wiki is probably the best piece of documentation I’ve ever seen for open-source software. It’s actively updated, and it has topics for most things you’ll ever need.
  • systemd is pretty darn good. I can see why purists argue against it, but it does its job well and it’s an environment I’m comfortable to live in.
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