Bose QuietComfort 20 vs. Bose QuietComfort 35

A friend of mine lent me their QuietComfort 20s for a while, so I guess here’s my quick take on it.


Well, it’s Bose’s earbuds with acoustic noise-cancelling – just a whole lot smaller, with wires and not an entire headset.

tl’dr Same Bose features, different form factor, along with the “features” that come with said form factor.


Hmm, this is tough because of the purchasing bias that I have over with the QuietComfort 35s. I’ll try my best anyway:

  • Audio - QC35, better soundstage, more complete audio range although maybe a bit much bass. On the other hand, QC20s have a more direct feel since it’s straight to your ears.
  • Noise-cancellation - They’re the same. Differences lie in their form factor with QC20s' silicone ear tips vs QC35s' closed cans approach and your own sense of hearing.
  • Comfort - QC20s because they’ll produce a lot less sweat in the long run, but in a good room environment I’d prefer the QC35s (since the ear tips do feel tiring with my old AT setup.)
  • Convenience - QC35s all the way. Wireless is the way to go and it’s highly pleasing in many scenarios. Heck, I’m becoming a believer (as much as how sad it is) on Apple’s take on the headphone jack because of how good wireless works. Seriously.
  • Extra - I like how you can toggle ANC with the QC20s. I also like that it uses a normal 3.5mm jack compared to the QC35s.

My take on all this: Once again, try before you buy. Once that’s done, choose only one of them unless you’re filthy rich. My pick would obviously go for the QC35s because I think wireless is so darn convenient after using these for a few days.

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