Review: Johnny Air Cargo (2016)

Johnny Air Cargo is a popular service many in the Philippines use to deliver online shopping purchases generally available in the US, but not locally. I’m moderately satisfied with their service.

Email inquiries are fast and clear enough, deliveries are quick enough (3-5 days) and is as simple as changing the shipping address to theirs, and picking the deliveries at their branches locally after they inform you that they’ve received it here. Prices are fair enough, considering the delivery speed. At least it’s cheaper compared to Amazon’s GlobalShipping service and with estimated customs rates. Contact and support could’ve been improved. It’d be nice if they proactively suggested bundling my purchases together since it got separated on my Amazon purchase.

8/10. I’ll be spending a lot more stuff online and physically now. Ouch!

As many have succeeded in using the service, I’ll also recommend it for those who wish to purchase stuff online and expect it as soon as possible.

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