Review: PayMaya (App)

A non-serious review about PayMaya’s app. Non-serious because I just wrote this on top of my head and is as subjective as heck.

Just tried the PayMaya app. I haven’t tried the actual service yet, but so far I’m highly satisfied with how the app works. Here’s my review of it:

  • Very straightforward and clean design. Just register and you’re done. Optionally, you can upgrade it and it’s also done in a matter of taps.
  • It actually accepts my 50-character randomized password, compared to 99% of the banks out there.
  • They actually added the OSS licenses section, which lists a healthy selection of Square’s popular libraries. Everyone uses these, but most don’t include the licenses section.
  • It’s using Material Design and not some lame rendition of it or iOS' terrible design.


  • I loathe MSISDN-based logins. Verification-wise, it’s great, but I want control login access with my own domain.
  • The job type section has duplicates due to a missing/extra period.
  • The top-up list needs improvements. Idea: maybe they could choose to pinpoint location markers for these? It’d be cool, but there’s extra effort involved.
  • I would actually consider using swipe menus (viewpagers, right?) rather than the hamburger menu for navigation. The app isn’t that complex yet to have the hamburger. The next stop would be to use the actual darn thing for purchases.
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